TCDF's wish-list

You can help us help: check our wishlist!
TCDF can always use a lot of things. For the kids, for the projects.

TCDF is always in need of material and/or money for material and even for people (manpower).

We can use your help with the following:


  • First there is a list of things and projects we like to realize as soon as possible and for which we are in urgent need of financial support and or manpower.
  • Second you will find a list of material we could very well use. This is material you could consider bringing along with you if you plan to come and visit us.  There are a number of products, material and services we need. This list will change on a regular base, depending on what we need for the projects. You can check it on a regular base to see if there is something you can help with. Please scroll down and have a look!


And if you have an idea or material you think we might use, please do not hesitate to send us a message via the form on the bottom of this page.

Please realize that Thailand has a humid, warm climate and people are not actually in need of clothes.


Would you like to bring something on your visit to us?

Do you have a question about our wishlist.

Do you need to know about the the financial part of your donation?


Send us a message via this form and we will try to answer you as best as we can.


(financial support and/or manpower)

The following list is an overview of material and/or manpower we need for projects we would like to realize a.s.a.p.

All the material on this list we can buy in Thailand. That is why we do not need you to bring it on your visit with us, but we ask for a financial donation.  




The list will be updated on a regular base. For now we need:

Self sustainable farm

TCDF is always working towards independence and strength, for our children but also concerning our organization.

Investing in the set-up of a good farm makes your donation last and work!

We need about 30.000 Baht on a yearly base to invest in material and produce.




For our yoga-retreat we are looking for a certified yoga teacher in Thailand ON CALL, who can come on voluntary base for a period of a week if needed. Of course we can also use yoga teachers who want to commit on voluntary base for a longer period of time! We can offer free accommodation as a return favor.



For our legal matters we are looking for an English speaking lawyer, living in Thailand, who can help us with legal matters on a pro bono base.



For our financial administration we are looking for an accountant who is based in Thailand, who wants to help the foundation pro bono.


We always need help from professionals (manpower) and material on:

  • Electricians
  •  Tilers
  • Wall plasterers

People who can help us with their skills, time and material for the project.


We can offer you free accommodation at our guesthouse as a return favor.

Promotion and marketing



To promote our guesthouse/yoga retreat we are looking for people who want to help us with:

  • Marketing
  • Contacts with travel agencies
  • Blogging, press release and articles in magazines
  • Contact with those magazines



For our promotion and marketing material we are looking for companies who can help us with printing and sending of:

  •  Postcards
  •  Brochures


We can offer a link on our website and our gratitude in return.


There are many children still awaiting a sponsor! Please help to change the life of one of these chidren drastically by being responsible for the (fixed amount) of expenses for education or medical care. 

Click here if you want to know what way you can sponsor directly.


Friends of TCDF donate any amount they feel appropriate on a monthly base. This money is used directly for the children only and makes sure that all our children can receive the Education and Medical Care they desperately need. Also during difficult times globally and locally.

Click here for more information on how to become a friend of TCDF.


(for visitors to bring)

Western toothpaste has no sugar and color in it. Better for the kids in Thailand!
Good toothpaste for kids!

Please note, that even if we need a lot of some materials sometimes, we are also happy with one or a little bit. All bits help!


The list will be updated on a regular base. 


For now we would like your support on:

Study tables/chairs for our students
Study tables/chairs for our students

For the Special School of TCDF:

  • Diapers (for baby’s and for older children with a disability)
  • Nutritional products from Amway (vitamins)
  •  A motorcycle for our outreach worker, to visit our children and families at their homes
  • Insurance covering for our students with a Thai insurance company
  • Solar panels and batteries to provide our school with power
  • Water storage tanks (3000 liter)
  • 20 school chairs with tables attached (second hand is great!)

Blanco double hobby cards. The students of our Special School make beautiful (post)cards. The cards are for sale and a part of the money goes to the children (private account) and is used for material. Do you have blanco (post) cards or double cards with envelopes they can decorate??
We need: as much as possible.

Textile paint for the Art Eco project with our Special Needs Students. They will be making bags and t-shirt to sell in the Art Eco shop.
We need: the basic colors, as much as possible.



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ECO-LOGIC, Resort for Charity

Our main sponsor: Eco-Logic, Resort for Charity in Paksong, is set up  to support TCDF. Several projects are part of TCDF Eco-Logic.

Click on the logo's below to read more about the guesthouse, yoga retreat, the Artist in Residence program, the activities and volunteer projects.

Eco-Logic Resort for Charity
Eco-Logic Resort for Charity
Eco-Logic Yoga Retreat
Eco-Logic Yoga Retreat
In&outdoor Activities
In&outdoor Activities
Artist in Residence
Artist in Residence



Click here to get information on how to donate to the foundation.


You can reach us at: or use the form below to contact us.

Please know, that the work in the office is done in between our work for the children so we cannot always react directly. You can expect a reply within one week.

Thank you for your understanding.  

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