Nong Book: Special School Student TCDF.

Nong Book. Special School
Nong Book. Special School

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“Sawasdee krab! 

My name is Nong Book. I live family in Phato. I was born on March 18th, 2005.

My parents have rubber and fruitplantation.

I'm a student of TCDF's Special School since 2012. 

I like being with my friends and I love music.

About Nong Book

Nong Book has a full scholarship with TCDF.


Nong Priam is a shy boy who is easily scared. He is mentally disabled and has a very low IQ.  He is a student of the Special School of TCDF since 2012. Before he started as a student at the Special School he never went to school.

In 2013 TCDF started a program on occupational training for the students. Together with their parents and the local community, TCDF helps them to start a project which allows the family to generate more income.

Nong Book and his family will start a fish farm project. At the Special School Nong Book will be trained one day a week on this subject by one of the teachers.


TCDF wants each student of the Special School to be trained on:

  • Educational development: reading and writing
  • Emotional development: work and learn within a team, drama, care for others, caring for animals, personal mentoring, involvement of family members, correct social behaviour and so on.
  • Physical development :physiotherapy, swimming, horse back riding, team sport, games and so on.
  • Daily life skills: independent on daily activities, like: personal hygiene, reading, writing, computer use, independent living, orientation, finding your way around outside the safe environment of home, biking, telephone conversations, and so on.
  • Occupational training: future trainin on work on the TCDF farm (vegetable gardens, mushroomfarm, fish and chicken, horses), in our restaurant, calculating, handling money, budget, saving and so on.


The educational plans are developped on a personal level for each student. For Nong Book this means a focus on:

  • Social correct behaviour. Learn how to interact with other students, teachers, learn to greet and to be polite.
  • Personal care and hygiene: learn to go to the bathroom by himself, wash himself, brush his teeth.
  • Concentration. Book is easily distracted and cannot focus for a long time.
  • Speaking and pronounciation. Nong Book does not speak a lot and does not articulate properly.
  • His eating habits
  • Art: together with his fellow students Nong Priam makes beautiful postcards, prints T-shirts and makes decorations during the creative lessons. The products are sold in the shop of the TCDF Eco-Logic, the main sponsor of TCDF. A part of the profit will be donated to Priam's personal bank-account.
  • Work in the vegetable gardens of TCDF: weeding, planting, harvestig and selling of produce to the restaurant of TCDF Eco-Logic.
  • Work on the fish farm: caring for and feeding the fish. He also helps catching them. The fish is sold. The profit of the sales is for the Special School.


Nong Book's school results:



Nong Book was a very scared little boy who could not be without his parents when he first joined TCDF's Special School.

Now, 2 years later, he is a lovely, quiet boy who can get anxious and upset sometimes, but he is more able to handle his emotions now. He spents full days in school without his parents and he enjoys the group activities, especially the aerobic in the morning and the musiclesson. He loves to touch things, feel with his hands, watch TV and swimming.

He is now able to eat all by himself, but he still needs to become a bit more tidy.

Nong Book needs assistance with daily life routines, still wears a diaper, but he can tell the teachers when he needs to go to the bathroom. Nong Book takes medication to help him with his anxiouty.


For the occupational training program of TCDF's Special School, Nong Book learns - together with some friends - to take care of the fish. He feeds them and -when necesaary - helps catching them, so they can be sold and eaten.


At home the situation is good, Nong Book loves to go home with his parents and he helps a bit in the household and on the fishfarm of course.


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