Nong Ta: Special School student TCDF.

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“Sawasdee krab! 

My name is Nong Ta. I live in Bahn NaiYan with my grandmother. 

I was born on October 25th, 2000.


My grandmother has fruit- and rubber plantation, where I sometimes help.


I'm a student of TCDF's Special School since 2010.


I love drawing and Pee Pa is my special and favourite teacher.

About Nong Ta

Nong Ta has a full scholarship with TCDF's Special School


Nong Ta is boy who has Autism. He is a student of the Special School of TCDF since 2010. Before he started as a student at the Special School he never went to school.


Nong Ta used to live with his mother for the first 3 years, but she could not handle him well. He spent a lot of time in a closed room because of his crying and shouting. When he was 4 he moved in with his grandmother who takes good care of him. She brought Nong Ta to TCDF in 1999 to help her with his medicine in the Medical Care program.



In 2010, aged 10, he joined as a student of the special School. He cried and shouted a lot, hit people, fought with other students and teachers and could not handle people around him. TCDF’s staff started with a strict schedule and a pictogram-system for him at school and at his home. This helped Nong Ta a lot with organizing his days at home and school and slowly he began to adept.


Since 2011 he also gets medicine to help him cope with anxiousness, monthly he visits the hospital for a check up on his medication.

In 2013 TCDF started a program on occupational training for the students. Together with their parents and the local community, TCDF helps them to start a project which allows the family to generate more income.


Nong Ta grandmother will start a chicken farm at home. At the Special School he will be trained as part of the occupational training program of TCDF on this subject, one day a week by one of the teachers.


TCDF wants each student of the Special School to be trained on:

  • Educational development: reading and writing
  • Emotional development: work and learn within a team, drama, care for others, caring for animals, personal mentoring, involvement of family members, correct social behavior and so on.
  • Physical development: physiotherapy, swimming, horseback riding, team sport, games and so on.
  • Daily life skills: independent on daily activities, like: personal hygiene, reading, writing, computer use, independent living, orientation, finding your way around outside the safe environment of home, biking, telephone conversations, and so on.
  • Occupational training: future trainin on work on the TCDF farm (vegetable gardens, mushroom farm, fish and chicken, horses), in our restaurant, calculating, handling money, budget, saving and so on.


The educational plans are developed on a personal level for each student. For Nong Ta this means a focus on:

  •  Social correct behaviour. Learn how to interact with other students, teachers, learn to greet and to be polite. Nong Ta finds it hard to be alone.
  •  Daily routines. Organized via pictograms.
  • Reading and writing. Because Ta never went to school before, he never learned how to read or write.
  • Speaking and pronunciation. Ta can speak, but does not like to communicate verbally.
  • His diet and eating habits
  • Art: Nong Ta  makes beautiful drawings we can use for postcards, he helps to print T-shirts and makes decorations during the creative lessons. The products are sold in the shop of the TCDF Eco-Logic, the main sponsor of TCDF. A part of the profit will be donated to Ta’s personal bank-account.
  • Work in the vegetable gardens of TCDF: weeding, planting, harvesting and selling of produce to the restaurant of TCDF Eco-Logic.
  • Work with the animals: chicken and fish as part of his occupational training


School season April 2014

Download the PDF file below to read about Nong Ta's school results for the October 2014-April 2015 semester.

SCHOOLSEASON APRIL 2015 nong TA joinfork
Adobe Acrobat Document 331.9 KB

School season October 2014

Ta is 14 years old. The teachers and his grandmother are his best friends, especially Pee Pa his schoolteacher. He is a beautiful young man, with a lot of skills and especially his social skills have improved noticeably this school season.


Communication: he is able to ask and answer basic questions. Such as: ‘where do you go’ and ‘I go home’, ‘come and eat’. A big step forward in verbal communication. The last 6 years he did not communicate using language! Before he only used sounds and grunts.

Arithmetic: Nong Ta learned to calculate, subtracts and adds. He actually uses that we goes shopping with his grandmother. He masters the numbers 1-100 (in Thai and English).

Writing/language: he masters all 47 consonants and 24 vowels of the Thai alphabet and he can write words independently (4 letter words).

He knows the English alphabet, can write it very good (lower case and capitals).and knows how to write small words.

Art: he is a wonderful artist, always has been, but the last semester he improved a lot on coloring.

Daily life skills: last school season Nong Ta participated in the meditation lessons, he sits quietly, as before he always walked away. He also participates with the daily school exercises, not always though; sometimes it gets too much for him.

Occupational training: his training is focused on working in the vegetable garden and taking care of the fish. At his house is a fish and chicken farm. He does not like the chicken, he’s afraid of the chicken!

He is capable to feed the fish on his own, the teacher does check the amount of food, but he always gives the right amount.  In the vegetable garden he is responsible for watering the vegetable garden.


Being a student with TCDF's Special School for 4 years now has made a big difference for Nong Ta and his grandmother. He is a very gentle kid, quiet. He does not scream and cry anymore to communicate, but uses his bodylanguage and a bit of speach. He laughs more and is very happy to be working on his own on his art at school. He participates in all the daily educational programs of the Special School and listens well, especially to his personal mentor, Pee Pa.

Nong Ta even takes some initiatives on his own. At home he now gets up in the morning by himself, has a bath by himself and eat his breakfast by himself. He can even do shopping on the market with a shoppniglist.

He is a beautiful artist who likes to draw and make painting. He is writing in English and Thai (3 and 4 letter words, He is amaing with jig-saws. He works very good with his pictorgrams at school and at home to see and follow a daily schedule. 


At home the situation is good. His grandmother takes good care of him and loves the boy he has become. 

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