Nong Eef: Special School student TCDF.

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Sawasdee kah!

I am Nong Eef and I live, together with my father and mother, in the village of PakSong. I was born on September 24th, 1997. My parents have a small shop and they let me help there.


I go to the TCDF's Special School. I really like it a lot there! I am a student since 2010.  I'm on a special diet and the teachers in school are very proud of me, because I lost weight! At school I help the teachers a lot with many things and I like that a lot. I am learning to work in the restaurant and the shop on the main road of TCDF Eco-Logic guesthouse!


Back home I am having my own fishfarm! Ain't that great?

Nong Eef has a full scholarship with TCDF.


Nong Eef is a girl with Down Syndrome. She has been a student with TCDF's Special School since 2010.

Before she joined the Special School, she attended the primary school in Paksong. She had many friends there, but she did not really learn a lot. The teachers in Paksong school did not have the possibilities and means and time for her.


In 2013 TCDF started with the occupation training program for the students. Together with the parents/caretakers and the local community, TCDF helped set up small projects that can help generate an additional income for the families. Nong Eef and her parents choose for a fish farming business.


Nong Eef's occupational traing is aimed on fish farming. One of the teachers of TCDF's Special School is her mentor, one day a week.

Next to that Nong Eef will learn how to work in the restaurant of TCDF Eco-Logic's guesthouse and in the Art-Eco shop of the guesthouse.

In the future her family will decide which profession suits her best.


A Special Student, Nong Eef. And special she is!


TCDF wants each student of the Special School to be trained on:

  • Educational development: reading and writing
  • Emotional development: work and learn within a team, drama, care for others, caring for animals, personal mentoring, involvement of family members, correct social behaviour and so on.
  • Physical development :physiotherapy, swimming, horse back riding, team sport, games and so on.
  • Daily life skills: independent on daily activities, like: personal hygiene, reading, writing, computer use, independent living, orientation, finding your way around outside the safe environment of home, biking, telephone conversations, and so on.
  • Occupational training: future training on work on the TCDF farm (vegetable gardens, mushroomfarm, fish and chicken, horses), in TCDF Eco-Logic restaurant, calculating, handling money, budget, saving and so on.


The educational plans are developped on a personal level for each student. For Nong Eef this means a focus on:

  • Reading and writing
  • Skills on movement
  • Her diet and eating habits
  • Handling money
  • Care for others: during schoolhours Nong Eef takes care of a number of younger students together with a teacher.
  • Art: together with her fellow students Nong Eef makes beautiful postcards, prints T-shirts and makes decorations during the creative lessons. The products are sold in the shop of the TCDF Eco-Logic, the main sponsor of TCDF. A part of the profit will be donated to Eef's personal bank-account. · Work on recycling: collecting and separating of products and garbage. Re-use and sales of these products is stimulated by the foundation. The profit of the sales is for the Special School.

School season April 2015

Download the PDF file below to read about Nong Eef's school results for the October 2014-April 2015 semester.

SCHOOLSEASON APRIL 2015 nong eef joinfor
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School season October 2014

Nong Eef became 17 years already and she is the sweetest girl ever. She loves a lot, is happy with her family and with everybody at TCDF. She likes to put on some make up now, a bit of lipstick and powder.


Communication: her pronunciation has improved and she talks now in short sentences of 2 to 3 words, understandable.

Arithmetic: she knows and writes the numbers 1-10 (Thai only)

Writing: she writes English and Thai letters using examples on dotted line. She can write her own name in Thai.

Language: she can count from 1 to 10 in Thai and English.

Daily life skills: she is very independent: dresses, washes herself, her hair At home she helps with cooking (she can fry eggs really good and cook rice), with cleaning, washing of the family clothes and she helps her uncle (give food). At school she is one of the best ‘co-teachers’ who takes care of the little ones.

Exercise/meditation: very good in exercising and meditation. She is most of the time the aerobic teacher!

Occupational training: at her home Nong Eef has a fish garden. She is trained at TCDF on fish, chicken, mushroom farm and working in the restaurant. On Fridays she helps cleaning the restaurant, baking cupcakes and making sauces for the restaurant. She can feed the fish independently and knows what mushrooms to pick without help of the teachers.  She also helps cleaning and packing the mushrooms. She feeds the chicken and picks the eggs very carefully. 


Nong Eef's reading skills are minimum still, she can read a bit, but not good yet. Her problems with pronounciation and her lack of speakingskills are part of this, it makes it difficult for her to say what she sees in a book.

Her writing is still very beautiful and very precise. She writes mainly letters (Thai and English) and numbers. She can write her own name now in Thai!

She moves better, but not enough. Her weight is not too heigh, but she can loose some more. Exercise and aerobic at school and dancing (this year she had her first show with her friends in Phato) is something she really loves.

Her skills on handling money and caluclating are not good yet.

She is still the best assistant for our teachers, concerning caring for the other kids, helping with feeding, playing and helping our physiotherapist with massage and so on.

Nong Eef's occupational training is on work in the restaurant; clean in the little shop, doing the dishes, clean the tables. She gets her training on Friday from 09.30 until 11.30 and in the afternoon from 13.00 until 14.30. Her teacher is Kroo Pat.

The other schooldays she gets one hour of training on the fishfarm, chickenfarm, mushroomfarm and vegetable garden.

At home Nong Eef works in the fish gardens of her family. The fish is being sold and so, Nong Eef helps providing an additional income with her family.

She is still very happy in the school, she is the first to arrive (7 in the morning already) and she does not like schoolholiday at all!



This school year Nong Eef's speaking has improved. She became better in dialogues and more communication. Her pronunciation has improved too.


Her writing is beautiful: she can write the Western alphabet and especially her Thai script and numbers are beautifully done.


She still has a big hart: very helpful in school and at home and she takes good care of the younger students at school.


Her occupational training in this school year was focused on working in the TCDF Eco-Logic restaurant and the shop. She became better at this work. In the next school season she will be trained in working on her own there.


She also learned some basic Thai massage to help her friends in school a bit.

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