Join!forKids is a Dutch foundation that helps organisations like TCDF over the whole world! There is a Joined! trademark that is only given to small, honest foundations that support underpriviledged children in a direct way, such as TCDF!


Over the years Join!forkids helped the TCDF financially with: 

  • the construction of the Special School (2009)
  • yearly support of Nong Eef, Special Student of TCDF's Special School (sponsorsed since 2010)
  • yearly support of Nong Priam, Special Student of TCDF's Special School (sponsorsed since 2011)
  • Yearly support of Nong Ta, Special Student of TCDF's Special School (sponsorsed since 2014)

With the sponsorship of the Special School students, Join!for kids provides for: 

  • the costs for a full year of education at TCDF Special School
  • the costs for meals at school
  • the costs for transport to school and home on schooldays
  • the costs for their school uniform
  • the cost for educational material (books, notebooks etc.)

Nong Priam,  Nong Eef  and Nong Ta are sponsored by Join!forkids.

Click on their pictures if you like to read more about these students of TCDF' Special School.

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ECO-LOGIC, Resort for Charity

Our main sponsor: Eco-Logic, Resort for Charity in Paksong, is set up  to support TCDF. Several projects are part of TCDF Eco-Logic.

Click on the logo's below to read more about the guesthouse, yoga retreat, the Artist in Residence program, the activities and volunteer projects.

Eco-Logic Resort for Charity
Eco-Logic Resort for Charity
Eco-Logic Yoga Retreat
Eco-Logic Yoga Retreat
In&outdoor Activities
In&outdoor Activities
Artist in Residence
Artist in Residence



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You can reach us at: or use the form below to contact us.

Please know, that the work in the office is done in between our work for the children so we cannot always react directly. You can expect a reply within one week.

Thank you for your understanding.  

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